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1. What made you decide to open your adorable boutique?


Opening a boutique had always been a dream of mine. I’ve always had a love for fashion since such a young age. During my senior year of college, my mom and I were discussing how difficult it is for women to shop for swimwear. We felt that Tampa was lacking a concept like The Cabana South! Living in Florida, the need for swimwear is almost always present and we did not have a boutique locally that we could go and try on swimwear to find the perfect one.


2. How often do you place orders? And what’s your favorite item you bring into your store?


I’m constantly placing orders for new swim, accessories or reordering items that are selling well! My favorite merchandise to purchase is swimwear! I love seeing all the new styles and figuring out what my customers will like best. 


3. Did you go to school for fashion?


Yes! I attended Lasell College right outside of Boston in the town of Newton. I got my Bachelors Degree in Fashion Merchandising. 


4. What would your advice be for someone interested in opening up their own boutique?


Opening The Cabana South was such a rewarding experience but also one of the most challenging. My biggest advice for someone looking to open a boutique is don’t let fear of failing hold you back. I was living in this constant state of stress and fear but I just suppressed those feelings and continued to move forward. 


5. I love the name of your did you come up with it?


When the idea of opening a swimwear store came to life I just needed to put a name to the concept so I just began calling it The Cabana. I always knew it was missing something but it was perfect a starting point. But one morning my mom looked at me and said “South! The Cabana South!” and I fell in love. It was the missing piece.

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