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How did you start your interior design business?


I started my interior design business about 3 years ago after flipping my own home and people asking who the designer was, I flipped homes on the side while working in a corporate job and after my 2nd daughter was born decided to leave the corporate world and take a leap of faith.


What’s your favorite part of your job?


My favorite part of design is taking someone ideas and dreams of what they would like their space to be and making it reality. When the finished product is done, I absolutely love when my clients are happy :)


What advice would you give someone who was interested in starting their own design business but is hesitant?


Advice I would give to someone starting their own business is to ask your friends and family if you can help them with anything they would like done, make the mistakes with them, they will be more understanding :) also, always ask for help! Don't ever act like you're the expert at everything, that was the best advice I was given. Learn, learn, learn!


Do you have a favorite room in a house that you enjoy decorating most?


I honestly love anything tile! Being creative with different patterns and textures! Powder baths are my jam! You can really get creative and go wild!


Is there a favorite style that you gravitate towards?


I am pretty transitional with my style, I love being creative with every style and I always seem to have a touch of modern on everything:)

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